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Money Plant Vastu

Money plants are the most common houseplants used for vastu reasons, and you can find them in both homes and businesses. The financial world widely associates a plant known as the money plant, or Epipremnum aureum, with wealth. Depending on its location, people also refer to this plant as devil’s ivy or golden pothos. Read on to discover everything there is to know about money plant vastu and to become a subject matter expert on it.

In India, the money plant is one of the most well-known plants. Through its heart-shaped leaves, the money plant adds a sense of greenery to the room without needing any extra care. The money plant not only cleans the air naturally, but it also looks nice and is helpful in many other ways. People also say that the money plant, whose leaves look like hearts, helps people stay friends for a long time. To increase your knowledge on money plant tree, continue reading.

Money Plant Vastu

Vastu Shastra says that money plants should face the volcanic angle, which is southeast, for the most wealth. It is possible to use solar energy to grow a money plant in this way. As a sign, Lord Ganesha stands for Shukra Dev, the fiery aspect or god of the southeast direction. Many people worship Ganesha because they believe he can destroy evil and keep his followers safe. Many people believe that Lord Shukra Dev can bring them luck and happiness. As a result, the igneous direction is thought to be good for the money plant. Taking care of a money plant in this spot will bring you wealth and happiness and help you get past problems. The following are the money plant vastu:

Clear out your Home

Decluttering is something you need to do to get rid of things in your home that are blocking good energy. Make sure there is enough room for the plant and that it won’t be hard to move from one room to another.

Indoor Money Plant Growing Tips

Money plants thrive indoors, in containers, or enclosed areas, preferably in a shady spot if grown outside. According to Vastu, a strong money plant enhances financial success, and full, healthy leaves symbolize good luck with money. Ensure the plant is kept securely, following Vastu Shastra guidelines that discourage placing it outside or on a window sill due to the energy it generates.

Use Blues and Greens Together

Combining green and blue in a way that works well together makes people think of nature and peace. When mixed with your money plants, these uplifting tones will create a calm and united atmosphere in your home, which will also strengthen your relationships. Put hanging money plant cuttings in pretty green and blue containers and put them on a porch or window sill for a unique look.

Room for Living

The money plant’s care directions say that the southeast corner of the living room is the best place for it. For this reason, people believe that Venus, which is represented by the Hindu god Ganesha, brings luck and wealth. You need to put the money plant in the right place before you can start to gain from it at home. People who follow Vastu principles are said to get special favor from Lord Ganesha.

Going to the Corners

According to Vastu, sharp corners cause stress and bad energy. By putting money plants in strategic places around your home, you can lessen the bad affects.

Keep a Money Plant Inside

Vishu says that the money plant should stay inside. Some people believe that if you own a money plant that grows well, it will bring you more money. One of the best things about money plants is that they can change the relative humidity, which raises the temperature around them.

The Bedroom

Vastu says that the money plant should be on the left or right side of the room, but never close to the headrest or feet. There is evidence that having a money plant in the bedroom may help people sleep better and have fewer fights.

Water it a Lot

When your money plant is dry and dying, it will only cause you trouble. The phrase “bad luck” refers to not having enough money. It is important to keep the leaves from drying out and falling off. The plant should stay above the ground. You can cut back stems and leaves that are drying out and shrinking, but keep giving them regular care.

Advice on how to Avoid

Always make sure that the money plant is facing the right way according to Vastu. Vastu says that putting plants on the north or east walls or in the northeast area is bad for your money, health, and relationships. Jupiter and Venus often collide because they both have bases in the northeast.

Don’t Go with Red

Things that are red, like laundry machines, trash cans, mixer-grinders, and mixer-grinders, should not be near the plant. Also, you shouldn’t keep red things in the kitchen. Individuals’ good fortune often goes to waste with these things, along with the home itself.

The Bathroom

Getting money plants to grow is easy, and they do best in damp places. Vastu shastra says that money plants should be in the bathroom. When the toilet gets direct or partial sunlight, it needs less upkeep.

Vastu for Money Plant Growth

Vastu dictates a specific way of growing the money plant. Putting plants that make money in the north, east, or northeast is not a good idea because it can cause problems with health and violence. Because Venus and Jupiter are both in the northeast, where they hold power, a fight between them could cost money.


Does the Money Plant Make you Rich?

A lot of people think that growing money plants can help them become rich and successful. This plant has come to stand for plenty and success. It is pushed as a way to achieve emotional and professional success.

Can you Keep a Money Plant in the Bathroom?

In the bog. Getting money plants to grow is easy, and they do best in damp places. Vastu shastra doesn’t say that you can’t have a money plant in the bathroom. When the toilet gets direct or partial sunlight, it needs less upkeep.

Is it Possible to Keep a Money Plant in Water?

Money plants do best in soil, but they can also be grown in a glass jar with clean water if you don’t have soil. Keep the water level even. It is important to keep money plants in a warm place all year because they don’t like being cold.

Last Thoughts

Vastu Shastra says that the money plant Vastu is also an energy source that helps clean the air in a home, in addition to its material benefits. In addition to helping with Vastu, plants can also help lower the radiation that common home gadgets like TVs, laptops, cell phones, and wifi routers give off. Summing up, this topic related to money plant vastu is crucial for the success of any organization.

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